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About Us

The Laboratory of Socio-Ecological Research under the Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov was founded in 2013. Its foundation could be described as a response of the research community to numerous challenges of modern times. The world and society today are undergoing significant transformations. Science opens up new fields of research, which, more often than not, are found on the boundaries of currently scientific and fundamental developments.

Our century is, for one, rich in a variety of social problems, which is understandable: the population of our planet has grown by one third in the last one hundred years. These social and political problems were, more often than not, purely ecological problems, which, in being left unattended, went through political transformations to eventually develop and grow into real sociopolitical cataclysms. These cataclysms, in their own right, could well have been prevented by the scientific community of chemists and physicists, provided that they were given access to the required informational resources. It became evident, that a well executed complex approach to solving various socio-ecological problems in present day implies collaborative efforts of the broadest spectrum of scientists: political theorists, ecologists, sociologists, chemists and physicists.

The formation of the Laboratory of socio-ecological research under Moscow State University is a unique opportunity to see the world more broadly, reaching out directly to people often requiring help of the scientific community in finding solutions of a range of problems, while traditionally, scientists are busy with science in its pure theoretical sense, which, perhaps, does not allow them to monitor the issues of the community so closely as to develop an effective methodology for solving these problems.